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6. The Ghostbuster Housewives

Updated: May 13, 2020

When I was in high school, my older brother (Dale) was living in a big ol' house in Georgia. One summer, my older sister (Kelly) took me on a 2 week vacation. We were going to visit my brother and then head over to the beach.

That was by far the creepiest experience of my life! Although we had planned to spend a week with Dale, after the second night, we couldn't get out of that house fast enough!! Two nights was all we could handle in this house where clocks ticked loudly all night (although there were NO clocks in the room); where footsteps randomly paced in one empty upstairs room; where locked windows and doors unlock and open when you're not looking; where sitting in the Georgia sun flooding in the window, you shiver as though you were standing in a freezer; where phantom children were heard running in the hallway; where you were always looking over your shoulder with the feeling someone was walking up behind you; where in the basement... OK, well, you get the idea, right?? If ever a house needed to call Ghostbusters, this was the house. Love you bro, gotta go. You have too much company already!


Back to my story...

At this point, I had witnessed the life-changing effects of dealing with the spirit realm head on. I was filling notebook after notebook with questions and topical studies while re-reading the whole Bible with a new set of eyes; I had literally run several pens out of ink! Plus I was getting everyone I could to go see Dr. Lucy. Many of those people have had equally life-changing results, and have since joined me on this amazing journey. Kristy and McKayla (my younger sister and her teenage daughter) were among the first. Here's what happened at McKayla's first visit...

McKayla's Headaches

McKayla is an amazing girl, full of life, but with an "old soul" at the same time. She fits in wherever she lands. She can take her place at the adult table, or she can giggle over at the kids table, and be just as comfortable in both environments. My husband and I have only had sons, so McKayla, who was around us a lot when she was little, holds a special place in our hearts. My husband has a reputation for being a bit gruff, but she has never seen that side of him. He has always adored her and would do anything for her, and she knew she had him wrapped around her little finger. She just lights up a room with her bright smile, warm eyes and magnetic personality. Meet McKayla and her mom, my sister Kristy (equally as awesome, btw...).

OK, I'm drifting now... where was I?

Sweet McKayla Collage

Oh yeah, headaches... McKayla's first visit to Dr. Lucy was due to a sudden onslaught of migraine headaches. She was missing school and barely able to function. She had tried every medicine on the shelves. She tried essential oils (I know what you ladies are thinking... there's an oil for that!! Believe me, we tried all of them...). Some remedies would dull the symptoms for a little bit, but nothing was actually working. So, off to Lucy we went...

When the 3 of us had previously gone for Kristy's first appointment, Lucy had her friend, *Rachel with her. Rachel can see in the spirit about as clearly as we see in the natural. (Honestly, at first, that was like the most amazing party trick I had ever seen! I constantly wanted to ask her what she was seeing on or around me... after a while, it became normal to hear "Hey, you have a cloud around your head. What's going on with you?" or "Hey, there's a critter hanging on your back. Let's take care of that." She is truly a gift.) Anyway, when we first walked in, Rachel's first reaction was that McKayla was a bright light in the spirit realm. She commented several times on how bright her spirit was. Kristy (my sister) recalled that over the years, she had heard several people say the exact same thing about McKayla, not really knowing what that meant. (We have found that more people can see in the spirit than you would think...)

So, not long into her appointment, Lucy identified an earthbound spirit, a teenage boy, that had 'attached himself' to McKayla. They started closely examining the days the headaches began and discovered that they corresponded exactly to when their neighbor (a school-mate of McKayla's) committed suicide in his home right across the street from them. He was a quiet, loner type who always let his more outgoing brother take center stage. The boy was apparently attracted to McKayla's bright light in the spirit realm and the peace with which she resonated, that he did not have. Science confirms that we are all made of energy, and our emotions and feelings create their own unique wavelength, and spirits seem to be drawn to those. (More info on that another day...) Basically, she was a comfort to his young, tortured soul. She became a hiding place for him. They confirmed that this was in fact the same boy; McKayla said a few kind words to him; they ministered to his broken spirit with truth from scripture and then they asked Jesus to send angels for him. After a few words of gratefulness for helping him find peace, the boy crossed over into the light. The headaches stopped that day and never returned. Believe me when I tell you, I know how crazy this sounds... Many of you reading this, think this is a bunch of bunk, but this is exactly what happened and there is no logical explanation outside of this stuff is the real deal! I know that messes with your mind. And your theology. Sorry 'bout that ~


We join the team...

Seeing that we were not fading in our enthusiasm and thirst for this stuff that brings actual healing and life change, Lucy invited the three of us to join her prayer group. To say we were excited would be a gross understatement. Yes, beyond excited... we were ecstatic.

Now I have been a part of prayer groups and Bible studies and small groups as long as I can remember. This was different than anything I've ever experienced before. We were seeking God's face in a way I have never been a part of. We came together with Bibles and notebooks in hand, prayerfully invited Holy Spirit to teach us, and then actually let Him! These women had created such an atmosphere of faith and love and admiration for the Word and for Holy Spirit's leading, that He readily showed up and just rocked our socks off. Every 2 hour meeting was different, and amazing. While they had been meeting for awhile, this was new to us and we began to learn what it feels like to hear the Holy Spirit's voice. The atmosphere of faith and honor for each person in the room allowed us to tap into spiritual gifts we didn't know we had. Kristy and McKayla began seeing in the spirit! That was a shock, to say the least! We were sitting directly at His feet and allowing Him to lead and teach. And as He would give us something new, He would confirm His 'lessons' several times over in our lives during the following days and weeks. It was surreal at first, but soon I realized that this is what is was to drink from the Living Water. I know Jesus said that the result would be to never thirst again, but I must say, Jesus, I think I disagree with You there! Instead, it created an unquenchable thirst for the presence of the Holy Spirit! They say to identify a counterfeit, one must study the real thing. The fake becomes obvious when you are intimately familiar with the original. This kind of study time, "quenches your thirst" for any other kind of teaching or teacher, and 'counterfeits' becomes painfully clear. I will spend some time going into detail about these meetings in future posts...

As we soon found out, one of the ministries of this amazing team of women, who jokingly refer to themselves as Ghostbuster Housewives, was to go to different places as He leads, to take back ground the enemy had stolen. (There are times we have to say no to requests for help, as directed by the Holy Spirit.) Sometimes it was public areas, and sometimes we would be invited into homes, businesses or even churches where they are experiencing some oppression or supernatural phenomena. Those are some of my favorite experiences to date in this life. To armor up and walk into these places (like my brother's overcrowded house in Georgia! Lord have mercy, I never would have imagined that I would one day voluntarily walk into homes like that!) and actually know what to do to help these people and reclaim the space for the Kingdom. Casting out demons and reclaiming territory is one of the assignments Jesus gave us as ambassadors of His Kingdom.

John 10:27 nasb

"My sheep hear My voice,

and I know them,

and they follow Me"

Mark 16:17 nasb

“These signs will accompany those who have believed:

in My name they will cast out demons,

they will speak with new tongues;"

There is so much to share, it's hard to determine where to stop... but for today, that will be right here. So much more to say. So much more to come.

I hope you are blessed and challenged by reading my story.


*To protect her privacy, her name has been changed.

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