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muscle testing.

Muscle Testing (MT) is an art and a science. Science is facts, there is a right and a wrong. Art can be more interpretive and finicky. MT is both simultaneously. There are many that deny it's validity altogether. I believe those people just haven't had the proper training or experience with it. My first experience with MT was when a chiropractor diagnosed my son with a gluten sensitivity via MT, and not trusting that, I paid $350 for a blood test. The blood test results were identical to the MT results. When I mentioned to that chiropractor that I needed to learn that MT stuff, she quickly pointed out that it's not as simple as it looks and there are many factors I would need to be aware of. She did not seem interested in teaching me, so I let it go. Then a year later I met another holistic doctor who, through muscle testing, accurately diagnosed my children with issues of a spiritual nature. Now I had already seen how it worked with allergy testing. Hold allergens, and the body tests "strong" or "weak" with each one. But this was something different. This doctor spoke statements, and the body tested "strong" or "weak" in response to the statements. And this time, the doctor encouraged me to learn to MT. After a couple years of MT experience now, I see that both doctors were right. I did need to learn this skill, and there are many factors to be aware of.


Your body has an energy flowing through it. Some prefer to think of it as electrical in nature. Whether energy flowing or electrical currents, the idea is the same: there is a steady stream rushing through your body all the time. It transmits messages internally without you even being aware of it. It reacts to stimuli through any of the senses; hearing, touching, smelling, seeing and even thought. Your body knows everything about itself. It is self healing. It knows how to take care of itself. You cut your finger, your body springs into action to heal. You catch a cold, your body begins attacking the virus and you recover better than before - now with an immunity to that virus. Obviously, this is the ideal, when the body is functioning properly. But this is the it's design. Muscle Testing (MT) taps into that knowledge by using the electrical current already flowing through your body. This is how a lie detector test works. Your body reacts to the hearing or speaking of a lie. It knows truth and it reacts negatively to a 'false.' Check this out:

"But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you have knowledge.

I have not written you because you don't know the truth,

but because you do know it, and because no lie comes from the truth.

The anointing you received from Him remains in you,

and you don't need anyone to teach you.

Instead His anointing teaches you about ALL THINGS,

and is true and is not a lie; just as He has taught you, remain in Him."  1 John 2:20-21&27    


You are designed and anointed to know truth. You are made in the image of God, in whom no lie can exist. While any person has the ability to muscle test, the Christian with Holy Spirit residing within, even more so. You are not only designed in His image, you are actually indwelled with Truth. 


If you can stand, and stand without a wobble, then the best way to get started in MT is the lean test. My dad can't do this one because when he stands still and closes his eyes he wobbles all over the place. I kept saying "Dad! Stand still!!" He would say "I am standing still, but I'm going to fall over!" This one does not work for him at all. But if you can do it, it's a good starting place. But you don't want to park here - it can look a little strange in public! Or even at home actually. After a few weeks of practicing this, my sister's husband told her to "Stop doing that! Your creeping me out!"  So don't creep people out with this...     


Here's the technique:

Stand in a quiet place, feet slightly apart (flat shoes or no shoes - but no high heels), arms hanging comfortably at your side. Be sure you are steady, and not wobbly at all. You are going to make a statement and allow your body to respond. You don't want to force a response, you want to allow your body to respond. Now, close your eyes and say these positive statements, one at a time:

  • My name is __________ (state your name)

  • YES.

  • LOVE.

  • State your favorite vacation spot.

  • My current car is a _______.

  • I currently live on ___________ Road/Street...

  • Jesus is Lord.        

After you make each statement, allow your body to react. If you let it, it will either begin to lean forward or backward. You will literally feel like you are slowly falling forward and it might catch you by surprise because YOU did not consciously initiate the movement. Your body should lean INTO a positive statement and AWAY from an negative one. Now try speaking negatives, and see how your body reacts:

  • My name is ____________ (speak your friends name)

  • NO. 

  • HATE. 


  • SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

  • I am a man/woman (say the WRONG word).


The lean test is the easiest way to begin MT. If your body reacted correctly to these statements, you can move on to the next. If not, there are reasons for that. Go to Muscle Testing FAQs.


Once you are confident in the lean test, it's time to begin practicing on your hand. In the lean test, your body leans forward in response to a positive or true statement and leans back, or away from a negative or false statement. In any other technique, you will get "strong" response for a positive and a "weak" response for a negative. 

Chain Links

With your non-dominant hand connect your thumb and first finger. This should be a tight strong connection that won't break easily. This is the first link on your 2 part chain link. With your other hand, use your thumb and a weaker finger, like the middle finger or ring finger to create your second link. Now as you speak a positive statement your chain should hold strong; but when you speak a negative statement, the weaker link should easily break as you gently pull at the links. (See the video below)

Flick Test

Using your non-dominant hand (actually, you can probably use either, but in my experience, testing with your non-dominant hand works best), 'grab' you middle finger with your thumb. I find it most comfortable to grab it from the side. I started out grabbing the end of my finger at the tip of the nail, but I found that it caused my fingernail to hurt. Grabbing by the side doesn't put stress on the fingernail. Your connection between thumb and middle finger will hold tight in response to a positive/truth, but it will release easily for a negative/false statement. When my girlfriend first mastered this, her husband eventually got frustrated at it and said "Will you stop flicking at me!!" So... be discreet! Don't annoy people with your mad skill!  (See the video below)  

Finger Press

For this one, you will use your pointer finger and middle finger on the same hand. Hold one finger out straight and put the other finger on the first knuckle. You'll have to practice this one a bit to figure out which finger should be the pressing finger and which should be the straight testing finger. After speaking your positive statement the straight finger should hold strong and not feel at all 'spongy' when pressed lightly with the other finger. However it should easily give way (get spongy) under the light pressing after speaking a negative statement. (See the video below)  



If your polarity is reversed, all your MT answers will be wrong. A yes will be spongy and no will be strong. This will not do. Not just for muscle testing, but for your body. You really need to have your energy flowing in the right direction to operate at peak performance. The energy flowing through your body creates a circuit, like a battery. You have a North Pole and a South Pole. If you put a battery in the flashlight upside down, the flashlight doesn't work. The current is disrupted. Or magnets - when you put two like polarities together, they repel. The palm of your hand and the top of your head are opposite polarities. So when your palm is resting on or just above the top of your head, you should test strong. When you flip your hand over so the palm is facing the sky, you should test weak or spongy. If you do this with the lean test, your body should lean forward when your palm is facing the top of your head and your body should lean backwards when you flip your hand over (palm facing sky). If this is not the case, your polarity is flipped. This easily remedied. Often you can flip your polarity back to normal by smelling essential oils (citrus ones work well), or by breathing deeply and thumping your thymus (sternum) a few times, or simply by asking Jesus to restore your energy back to normal. There are other methods as well. A google search of "how to reverse the polarity of your body" will give you several methods. 


Before you MT a question you don't know the answer to, you should always set your baseline. Know that your trues are true and your false's are false. Say something like "Jesus is Lord" "My name is ____" or any other absolutely true statement and be sure you are getting correct answers. Throw in a couple negative statements as well, just to check...  If you are not getting correct answers, there are reasons.


Now let the fun begin!! Once you get confident that your body is reacting correctly to speaking positive and negative statements, get about 10-15 note cards (thicker than plain paper so you can't see through it) and make 2 stacks. Take one stack and write one positive word or statement on each card. Do the same with the other stack, only write negative words/statements. Now shuffle them together. Set them on the table face down and stand next to them. Set your baseline. (Always do that first!) OK, ready? Pick up one card at a time and without reading it, hold it to your chest. Let your body react. What happened? As with ANY new skill, you will need to practice this. Your body will learn what it needs to do and before long you will whipping through those cards with 90-100% accuracy. And you will begin to realize that this body you have, designed by God Himself, is truly extraordinary!


Now take those cards, and get a trusted friend. Do a few tests - have your friend read a few cards one at a time and let your body react. Keep doing this until you are in sync. Now, ready for some crazy town fun??? Have your friend hold one card at a time and read it SILENTLY over and over until your body reacts. WHAT??? Is this not the CRAZIEST and coolest feeling!!


My sister and I wrote lists of statements and would call each other on the phone to practice this blind test. She would read a statement silently and say "OK" out loud, and my body would react. I would then say "Yes" or "No" depending on which way I leaned. Eventually, we were getting 100% accuracy almost every time. IT BLEW OUR MINDS. Are you kidding me??? HOW COOL IS THAT?? 

Put several foods into brown paper bags. Obviously healthy foods as your positives and obviously unhealthy foods as your negative. Don't use store bought vitamins as healthy foods or you will be surprised to find that find that your body disagrees with you! Hold each bag up to your chest, or just place your hand on each bag and test it  with the statement "This is good for my body. . Is it healthy (strong) or is unhealthy (weak/spongy)?

The Chain Link

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The Chain Link
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