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Hi there! I'm Tracy.

In 2015, something happened that changed me forever. One hour changed the trajectory of my whole life. It rocked me to the core and resulted in my insatiable quest for finding Truth. And it has truly set my spirit free.   

I grew up thinking I knew what it was to be a Christian. I was born and raised in the Baptist church, accepted Jesus at 7 years old, went to a private Christian school even. I did the right things, said the right things, believed the 'right' things... But something was missing. I was living the Christian life, but honestly, it was a bit bland and routine. Oh I had my peaks where I would be on fire, but eventually that flame would die back down to a smolder.  Have you also felt that? 

Tracy Krebs


I was a "sleeping Christian." Well, nothing could have prepared me for the day when God decided it was time to wake me up! He totally rocked my world. It's amazing to look back and see how He lined things up for that day. It started with one huge shift in my belief system, and that led to another... and another... and as I peeled back one wrong belief after the next, it was like coming to the surface and breathing air for the first time. With each layer removed, I could breath in deeper. The freedom is unbelievable. You know, being a Christian (wide awake!) is actually quite amazing! I see now that I had a form of godliness, but I was denying the power! It's all the 'extra' teachings that the church has layered on over the years (unintentionally) that makes you heavy and makes being a Christian boring and frankly, a burden. Come on with me and let's tear down some golden calves we've erected over the years! It's so much fun.

Really. It is. 

The details of my story is written in a series of blogs on The Stories page. Go to there from here.

"and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free."

John 8:32

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