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Can I Love Jesus... AND Halloween??

As soon as the leaves begin to turn, the anti-halloween-bloggers start popping up on my fb feed... which reminds me, I need to retrieve the pumpkin spice hand soaps waiting patiently under each bathroom sink and then head to the attic to retrieve my 6 large boxes of fall (I'll be honest, Halloween) decorations!

"WHAT? You celebrate Halloween??? Don't you know the origins of this holiday??"


Yeah, yeah, I know. The common theory is that the holiday goes back over 2000 years, originating with the Celtic all encompassing, end of harvest - last day of their calendar year - day of the dead holiday, Samhain (Saah-ween). On this day, they believed that the veil between the spirit realm and physical realm was at it's thinnest and that ghosts of the dead (along with other spirit realm entities) wandered among the living. So they built bonfires in their fields, and put candles in their hollowed out gourds to guide them and they left wine and food on their doorsteps to appease the more unfriendly spirits that might also be roaming around. They had big feasts with their families and neighbors, during which they purposely honored their dead relatives; speaking fondly of their memories, appreciation and love for them; and, yes, since they believed they were close by for a few hours, would usually try to commune with them.

This is not unlike the many other cultures around the world that have a day of honoring the dead. Is setting aside a day to honor the dead a bad thing? I don't see how it is. The Catholics religiously honor their dead and pray for them. Ireland, Scotland, England, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines, and many others cultures current and through history commemorate their dead with a holiday. (Actually, why DON'T we do that?) Do you know that there are many scholars who believe and suggest that the day of honoring the dead goes all the way back to Noah? Just as there are stories of the flood in almost every culture, there is also a day to honor the dead in most every culture too. 

A simple google search will tell you that when missionaries came to the Celts, the decision was made to join in their pagan holidays to make converting to Christianity less intimidating (which, by the way, is the same thing the apostles did in the New Testament). The missionaries were commissioned to change the focus to a more religiously palatable holiday... All Saints Day and All Hallow's Eve. (Still honoring the dead, by the way). Let me repeat that... to bring them to Christ, they joined into their pagan holidays, and celebrated with them, while gradually changing the holiday. Hmmm...  Here's where they went wrong... they got judgmental on those who didn't convert fast enough and began condemning their holidays and ostracizing them as evil. (Wait, are we talking about 600AD or 2017??) Anyway, bad move. That creates division and certainly doesn't draw anyone into the light. 





















"But don't you know that this has become the Devil's holiday??"

Well, my friend, this comes down to a question of identity and authority. 

Is there increased demonic activity on Halloween? Yes. I believe that. 

Is there increased occult activity on Halloween? Yes. I believe that too. 

Aren't you afraid of those things? No. Absolutely not. I know my identity in Christ and my authority here. 


To be afraid of demonic activity is to give it power. Fear is a tool of the enemy, but I wasn't given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7).  Should we be aware of the enemy and his tactics? YES! Absolutely!! Knowing your enemy is always good advice, right? Opposing teams must study the plays of the other team, yes?

" that we might not be exploited by Satan (for we are not ignorant of his schemes)."

                  2 Corinthians 2:11

2 teams, yes. But we are not on an equal playing field. "Greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world" (1 John 4:4), right? Is not the devil but one fallen angel, with a team of demons? Don't we have a host of angels around us that DIDN'T pull a Benedict Arnold??  Hebrews 1:14 says "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" All throughout scripture angels are seen assisting God's people - of which I am one! Aren't you? So tell me why again should we be afraid of Halloween? Light dispels dark. I carry the Light.  

My God is greater. He and the devil with ALL his troops are not equals, or even opponents. This is not a war between God and the devil. They are not fighting. Oh Satan may be in open rebellion, but get this straight - God is NOT engaged in a war with him. YES, WE have to face our adversary, but in Jesus we have been given EVERYTHING we need to be successful in those battles. My identity is in Christ, therefore I have no reason to fear. Now, let's talk authority. 

Who has the authority here on earth? If you are in Christ, YOU have the authority here. YOU have been given dominion over this earth. Jesus handed over "ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY" to us, to trample snakes and scorpions (the demonic). It has been accurately stated that the difference between a criminal and a police officer carrying the exact same gun, is the badge. Both have power in their firearms, but only the policeman has the authority backed by the government to wield and use it.  We have the authority of the Kingdom, and the devil only has the authority that WE ALLOW HIM TO HAVE. Oh he's powerful, no doubt. But he has to follow the rules, and there are rules of engagement. In the absence of enacted authority, the devil will assume it. That's on us, because we have it and we are giving him WAY too much leeway.  

"...having cancelled the written code with its regulations that was against us and stood opposed to us; He took it away, nailing it to the cross. And having DISARMED the powers and authorities, He made a public spectacles of them, triumphing over them by the cross."

                  Colossians 2:14&15


So, back to this being the devil's holiday... Says WHO?? I didn't give him the right to have a holiday. But every time you say that, YOU ARE! You are coming into agreement with his play to usurp your authority. STOP IT! Don't give your authority away to that snake. 

"But as Christians, shouldn't we take a stand against this holiday? I mean it has evil roots and has become synonymous with occult activity?" 

Well, what is your commission in the Kingdom? Are you not an agent of Light? An ambassador of the King? Is it not your duty to draw the lost to their Savior? How best would that be accomplished when the lost come out of their homes once a year to walk the streets of your neighborhood? Are you attracting them to their Savior by turning off the lights of your house to let them know they are not welcome? Think about the message you are sending out... "Oh they are 'Christians' and they think we are evil and worshiping the devil because we are trick or treating..."  My dear friends, LIGHT dispels DARK, not the other way around. If these people are walking around lost, in darkness, needing a Savior - YOU may the only light in their life! For the sake of all that is good, turn on your porch light and WELCOME these people! Put on your best costume and decorate your house better than anyone else! Hand out the GOOD candy bars! Everyone who trick or treats knows that there are a few homes that go above and beyond on Halloween and your night is not complete until you have visited THOSE homes... BE. THAT. HOUSE. Draw them in to you!! You have a unique opportunity once a year to meet, bless and pray for (even if just silently) EVERYONE in your neighborhood on Halloween night. At least turn on your light and be friendly... You are representing ALL of us.  Jesus did not shy away from the lost, He went to them. He engaged.



  Take the holiday seriously,  and the days surrounding. There IS increased demonic and occult activity on and around Halloween, and that is not to be taken lightly. But, it is also not to be feared, for those in Christ. Pray for safety and protection over you, your home, your kids and every family that you encounter on that night. But don't pray from a place of fear, pray from a place victory and authority. Those that are sensitive to spiritual atmospheres can sense the heaviness surrounding this holiday. If you are nauseated, or feel heavy in the chest, or like something is pressing on your shoulders... you are sensing the heightened spiritual activity. Be thankful for that and lean into it. It is a gift to tell you how to pray. I have included a prayer at the bottom of this page to help you. The power of life and death are in the tongue. Use that power. (For good of course... Don't get any ideas...) 

   Don't hide away.  BECAUSE there is increased occult activity, you are needed on the front lines. What you carry is far more powerful than what any occultist, satanist, or witch has. KNOW your identity in Christ, and your role in the Kingdom. If you truly believe in the power of prayer, then suit up and pray.  When the battle lines are drawn, don't hide and leave the fighting to the rest of us. You are on this team too. Show up. Even if you don't have kids, or don't live in town where trick or treaters will come to your door, be engaged in prayer. Send light into the darkness, and bless those those who would curse you (and the rest of us!).  


   Be Excellent.   It is our unified goal to attract the lost to their Savior. This is best done "relationally."  They have to see that you have something they want. They have to see your love for them, and that you are real, and willing to walk with them in their mess... This was the point of those missionaries who celebrated the pagan holidays... to do life with the people they wanted to save.  They messed up by eventually drawing a line in the sand and making it an "us and them" culture. Learn from their success, and also from their mistake.  Remember, it was Paul that said "to the Jew, I become a Jew and to the Gentile, I become a Gentile." Remember the mission. It's not to withdraw with your life insurance policy in hand and watch everyone else flounder.  Even if you never get the chance to lead one of your neighbor's to Christ, stand out by being excellent. Make an impression that will help the cause, not harm it. Don't hide behind closed doors with the lights off as they walk by one night a year. We need to live ATTRACTIVE lives, not be seen as judgmental, stoic and holier-than-thou. These things repel people. We need to ATTRACT, not repel.



If you've been giving the devil the authority to have his own holiday, stop now and pray:

Father God, I repent for handing over to the devil and his systems the authority that You gave to me.  I understand that he is a defeated foe, and that the only authority he has is what we give him. As an act of my will, I take back that authority and trample that snake under my feet. I ask that you would show me any other areas where I have allowed him to usurp my God-given authority.  You paid too high a price to give this to me for me to relinquish it to him. I hereby declare that the devil does not have a day he can call his own. Every day is a day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice in each of them. 

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.



Suggestions to pray over Halloween:


Father God, I bless this day with all of Your plans and purposes. I plead the blood of Jesus over this Halloween season, and every innocent celebrating it. I break every curse, hex, vex, spell and incantation that is and will be spoken and hurled against your people during this season, in the name and authority of Jesus, the curse breaker. I ask that You would send Your angel armies to protect us in the unseen realm, and to shut down the camps of those that plot evil. I send confusion and infighting into the camps of the enemy, let them turn on themselves and implode. I send blessings to those who are deceived and want to harm, as I trust in You and Your goodness, I pray that You would set in motion a rescue plan for each captive and prisoner of the enemy. I pray that Your people will shine brightly and reflect You well tonight. I take back any ground I have given to the enemy and I pray, Lord, that You would reveal any lies that I'm believing, where I'm giving my authority to him.  In Jesus precious name, Amen.        


Suggestions to pray if you physically feel the effects of the Halloween season:

Father God, I bless this gift of discerning of spirits that You have given me. I ask that You would sanctify it and teach me to use it for Your plans and purposes. I declare that I am ONLY willing to feel what is within God's design for me today. I do not give the enemy permission to use my gift against me and overwhelm me. I am strong and courageous, and a Child of the King Most High, and I come out of agreement with the enemy and declare my gift of discerning is a blessing and the devil and his systems have no rights to them. I plead the blood of Jesus over me and over my gift, please help me to use it properly.

Lord, I am feeling ________ (state the feeling - nauseous, heavy, pressed...).


Do I need to know what is causing this? (Listen for an answer within your spirit)


How would you have me pray about this?  (Listen for an answer within your spirit)

Continue praying, Following the Holy Spirit's guidance. If you need further help on this, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


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