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3. Zack's story continues and the Truth Quest Begins with Ghosts.

Updated: May 13, 2020

This is Part 2 of Zack's crazy story.

Can this be for real?

Let's recap. My 6 year old son starts having excruciating stomach pains in the night. The medical doctors had no answers. A holistic doctor identified that spirits on him were causing the problems, prayed with him, and the pains have never returned. Not a trace of them since walking out of her office. But that's not all that changed in Zachary; Zachary changed too. Over the next few days and weeks,

  • The winter gloves came off,

  • The clothing layers decreased down to one layer,

  • We began seeing his skin again!

  • The constant need for skin-to-skin contact decreased dramatically,

  • The gluten sensitivity disappeared. <--Did you see that one??? DISAPPEARED folks. gone.

  • His behavior became less "unpredictable" and much easier to manage,

  • Describing him as 'intense' and 'unpredictable' no longer fit him.

Can this be for real?? All this, because a woman PRAYED? And she was confident we would notice a change in him. The 'quirks' that we had accepted as part of who Zachary was (detailed in the previous post), they weren't Zachary at all?! He's more calm and predictable. Less agitating to his brother. He dresses differently. These things were caused by spirits on him? What does that even mean? How do I explain this?? Clearly, I have WAY more questions than answers! But I can not deny that Zack is changed, and for the better, because of what she did. Because of the prayers she prayed, whether I believed what she was saying or not was irrelevant. At this point, I am so confused about what I have always believed... I need answers.

My first stop was to ask family and friends. Now let me admit here, that at this particular time of my life, most of my family and friends shared my Baptist background. Possibly because I've been living in the Bible belt, and more specifically in a town pretty well Baptist-saturated; home to a large and well-known Christian university and televised super church. Possibly because there's "safety" in surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Possibly, all of the above. (For the record, I no longer enjoy that kind of "safety." What I once considered safe, now feels confining and a bit suffocating. But that's a topic for a different post...) And let me also add, that I am in no way disparaging Baptists, super-churches or any such thing. I am beyond thankful for my upbringing in the church. I'm just giving you the backdrop to my situation! So, let's get back to that...

Reaction #1: FEAR. I began presenting my experience and asking questions. Whoa. I quickly found that these kinds of questions are not received well by most! (Insert wide eyed emoji here!) I was met with adamant defiance that this is even remotely possible. I was insulted. I was told I needed to see a counselor who "deals with these kinds cults." I was reminded that what people call ghosts, are actually demons just masquerading as human spirits to cause deception. I was told it is not possible to "see in the spirit" and that this woman I went to was clearly into some form of witchcraft, that this was obviously a cult, even though she openly prayed to Jesus and gave Him all the credit for every healing she had seen in her practice. It was even suggested that I submit to an intervention of sorts, to set my thinking straight again. All the the 'answers' I received from this group were based on strong convictions and passionate beliefs, and were absolutely well meaning. While thankfully, this group wasn't the majority, it was the loudest, most hurtful, and least helpful. If I were not already a Christian, I would have RUN and never looked back. Thankfully, Jesus already had my heart. But if this were my experience as an unsaved person, it would take a full blown, Red Sea sized miracle to get me to ever look in the direction of "the church" again.

Reaction #2: POLITE REJECTION. These are people who listened, nodded their heads but offered no answers, input or suggestions. They just seem to enjoy the entertaining story. These did not go out of their way to ever follow up with me. They acted as though this conversation never took place, and some even to seemed to "drift away" after I shared.

Reaction #3: CURIOSITY. I also found people who were very open to listening, even intrigued. Some had supernatural experiences to share and some could relate with our story and began wondering if our new doctor could help them too... Several from this group eventually switched to group #4, comrades!

Reaction #4: COMRADES. The fourth group fully believed there was definitely something to this. My experience excited something deep inside them. Some said they just got this feeling in their spirit that this felt right. Some of them also had unexplained experiences that they were struggling to understand. My story gave them deep feelings of confirmation that they weren't crazy. Some had experiences that had either never been shared, or worse, when shared, met with the same fear based reactions I received, so they clammed up about it. This group was to join me on my journey. They want answers too.

Phase one of this search left me with no solid answers, (but I did receive a plethora of very strong opinions!). Phase two: dig into the Word. Beliefs and opinions are widely varied about this, but I'm absolutely determined to get real answers. I'm not setting out to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts (earthbounds). I'm not setting out to prove or disprove the teachings of the church, or any belief set at all. I JUST WANT TRUTH. Real BIBLICAL answers.

So many questions...

CLEARLY, there is something to this Earthbound spirits thing, Zack is proof.

Is it possible for disembodied, human spirits to be on this earth?

Have I been taught wrong about this?

Is my church wrong about this?

Are demons just masquerading as human spirits?

What about 'absent from the body is to be present with the Lord'?

Is this doctor a complete whack job?

Is she dangerous? Into witchcraft?

What caused these dramatic changes in my own son?

Time to get in the Word and find out what it REALLY says...


"The truth quest begins here."


I spent many weeks studying and researching this topic. I re-read the entire New Testament and most of the Old. I bought a spiral bound notebook, and filled it within a week. So I bought a 3 subject notebook, and filled it too. My pens ran out of ink; I literally had to buy new pens! My thirst was insatiable. (by the way, two years later, it still is.) I found that once I started reading the Bible without any filters, it completely opened up in a way I'm not even sure how to explain. I started making connections and those connections created even more questions... This is why I call this my "threshold experience." It started me down a path I could have never imagined. But as for the topic at hand, my conclusion, as I connected the dots across scripture, I found that the picture they created was more of a confirmation of ghosts/earthbounds/human spirits than I expected to find, and at the very least, definitely not a flat-out denial of their existence. If we were in a court of law, there was enough here to create reasonable doubt against the belief that there is no such thing as ghosts. Please take the time to read what I discovered. The Word is NOT completely silent about this. The entire study is found under THE QUESTS page on this website.

Clearly, I need to update what I believe based on what the Bible ACTUALLY says. My beliefs were completely wrong, and not based on biblical truth at all. They were totally based on teachings of man. This is a big deal folks. HUGE.

This shakes me to the core.

People. What else are we believing that is NOT supported by the Bible??? I am now on a mission. A Truth Quest. What does the Bible actually say about..... well, EVERYTHING!

Join me? Let's do this!



During this Truth Quest, I found one website in particular that was extremely helpful. Check it out here.

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