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It's an amazing day we live in. With a few keystrokes we can be reading the pages of dusty old books and scrolls that were not available to our parents. We can be sitting at the feet of and listening to any teacher, theologian or rabbi, past or present. We can enroll in a class, learn a new language or skill... all while sipping from our favorite mug snuggled in our coziest chair. It's an amazing day we live in.


One day, a few years ago, I had an experience that caused me to question some of the things I believed. With a bit of research, I found that I had been believing things that were quite wrong, and I had never bothered to question them. I know that I was not taught these things with an intent to deceive, but rather, due to lack of resources and true, open minded research. But, you know what...

it's an amazing day we live in.    

Enjoy your visit here and I hope that you are

inspired to begin your own Truth Quest!



Begin your Truth Quest!

My Story

In a series of blog posts, I share the details of what caused me to start this Truth Quest...

Truth Quests

Many golden calves are torn down here. Prepare to be offended and maybe outraged.

Upper Room

Help for starting your own vibrant home group


The Truth Quest videos.

Coming Soon.

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