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5. What is this Muscle Testing stuff?

Updated: May 13, 2020

This is post #5 in a chronological series of posts.

Like a reading a book, it's important to read the chapters in order...

If you haven't already, go read the previous posts first...

At this point my world has turned upside down. My two youngest children have undergone major shifts in their personalities and both were caused by addressing something in the spirit realm. Earthbound spirits and demons. While desperately trying to come to terms with what had happened, a dear friend was encouraging me to stop right here. She told me that I was "looking for spiritual answers to physical problems." I literally laughed out loud! That couldn't be furthest from the truth! I can assure you these things were far from my radar, I had not been seeking them out! But here they were and now I have no choice but to question everything I thought I knew. I tried talking to family and friends and their reactions were pretty diverse, but not very helpful. And therein lies the motive behind this website. If someone experiences something they can't explain, I hope and pray I can help them so their floundering phase doesn't last as long as mine did.

Basically, I discovered that I was on my own here, and despite the advice to go no further, I began wading into this uncharted territory. (Uncharted for me, but not completely uncharted, I would soon find out.) My first mission was to learn Muscle Testing. The technical term for it is applied kinesiology, but because I'm not even sure how to say that correctly, I just call it Muscle Testing (MT here on out). Dr. Lucy had told me after the appointments to learn how to MT and "maintain my ground." Which meant I needed to be able to use MT to check for critters or EBs (earthbounds/ghosts) on or around my family so that nothing like this could happen again. That sounded like a really good idea...

Frequencies, Energy, and Electrical Circuits

While researching MT, I came across the book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson and I devoured it! Before long, I was at my sister's house and we were practicing not only MT, but finding hidden emotions that were lodged in our bodies. It was AMAZING how accurate this was! What I learned was that we are all about energy. I know, that sounds very "new age" but it's absolutely true. It's like tuning forks. Once you ding them, the sound carries on and on and on at the same frequency. Your body, at it's peak performance 'rings' at a certain frequency too. This is energy flow. When you experience a strong emotion, such as anger, fear, rejection, sadness, despair, etc those 'ring' at a different frequency. And sometimes we tuck those experiences (and those emotions) away without properly dealing with them. When we do, the frequency of that anger, for example, continues to 'ring' within you. Have you ever met a person that gets furious at the smallest things? They are resonating with the frequency of anger, rather than their own ideal frequency. This amazing book teaches you how to identify where the source of these stuck emotions and how to restore your body to the correct ideal frequency. Which is another way of saying that it gets your energy current flowing freely again. These undealt with emotions are like internal dams. Imagine it like a rushing stream of water, removing the obstacles, or the dams, allows the water to flow unobstructed.

While practicing the exercises in this book with my sister and her family, I began MT. Let's define MT. As I stated previously, we are flowing with energy. This is not 'new age' talk, this is science. Call it energy, call it electrical, call it what you want. Your body works by sending messages along established internal pathways. Stub your tow, the signal of pain is sent immediately to your brain, and your body reacts. Don't eat for several hours, the signal of hunger is transmitted internally. Watch a powerfully sad scene in a movie, your body reacts to it. You did not consciously create any of these reactions. Your amazing body did all on it's own by using it's internal messaging system. Your body has a "knowing" of itself - an internal intelligence we don't fully understand. This is also how lie detectors work. Your body tends to react to the speaking of a lie. You are constantly sending and receiving signals and messages all around your body. Now, if you google MT, you will find many articles claiming that it is debunked, false, unreliable, etc. I've come to believe that just about everything you research has it's advocates and opponents. People who use it, and have seen it work don't have a need to write articles convincing people of it accuracy. It speaks for itself. This is probably why you won't find nearly as many published articles in support of it. And it's true, done incorrectly, it can be unreliable and inaccurate. Much care should be taken when MT. But for kicks and giggles, let's give it a go!

The Lean Test

Stand in a quiet place, feet slightly apart (flat shoes or no shoes - but no high heels), arms hanging comfortably at your side. Be sure you are steady, and not wobbly at all. Close your eyes and say these positive statements, one at a time:

  • My name is __________ (state your name)

  • YES.

  • LOVE.

  • State your favorite vacation spot.

  • My current car is a _______.

  • I currently live on ___________ Road/Street...

  • Jesus is Lord.

After you make each statement, allow your body to react. If you let it, it will either begin to lean forward or backward. You will literally feel like you are slowly falling forward and it might surprise you because YOU did not consciously initiate the movement. Your body should lean INTO a positive statement and AWAY from an negative one. Now try speaking negatives, and see how your body reacts:

  • My name is ____________ (speak your friends name)

  • NO.

  • HATE.


  • SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

  • I am a man/woman (say the WRONG word).

The lean test is the easiest way to begin MT. If your body reacted correctly to these statements, you can move on to the next. If not, there are reasons for that. So stop here and contact me so we can discuss what's happening.

I developed several blind tests to practice this. If you want to learn more about those go to The Quests page and find the Muscle Testing link. As with ANY new skill, you will need to practice to get confident. When you get to the end of the blind test practices, you will have a friend read a statement SILENTLY and your body will react correctly to what she read. A statement your body didn't hear with your natural ears. And THAT my friends, is the moment you will begin to realize that this body you have, designed by God Himself, is truly extraordinary! And that you can trust it.

Thanks for reading! The story is just getting started!!


Let's go to the next post!

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