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This is a story. A true story. Most likely, a never-ending story. These are the events that have actually happened to my family and close friends that woke us up to the reality of the spirit realm and those who reside in it. These are stories of ghosts, demonic entities of all kinds, angels, miracles and healings that we have personally encountered. Each brush with the supernatural world sent me on a quest for truth. The truths I have uncovered are listed by category on THE QUESTS page. But start here. Each blog post is numbered, and #1 is where it all began. Start there. 


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July 1, 2017

When I was in high school, my older brother (Dale) was living in a big ol' house in Georgia. One summer, my older sister (Kelly) took me on a 2 week vacation. We were going to visit my brother and then head over to the beach.  


April 10, 2017

Learn how to muscle test with accuracy using blind tests

March 27, 2017

His 'normal' was a constant state of fear. Nightmares. Panic. Stress. It caged him. Until he was set free and became more than a conqueror.

March 2, 2017

My 6 year old son is healed of intense stomach pains through prayer, after medical science couldn't help. It was a spirit issue manifesting into the physical.

March 2, 2017

When God Opens the  Door...

What do you do when someone you have never met, who lives states away, offers to buy your home, even though it's not for sale?? You determine quickly that this is one of those times where God just opened a door right in front of you and you d...

January 4, 2017


I have had a relationship with Christ since I was a little girl, as long as I can remember really. I remember the day I came home from church and went into my bedroom closet to invite Jesus into my heart. I remember being baptized in a lake in Upstate New York....

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